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Leader in filter manufacturing in Bulgaria

About us

The company “USPEH FILTER SSB” LTD is the successor of Manifacturing plant “USPEH” founded in 1956 and is experienced in manufacturing of filters for air conditioning, filters for clean rooms type “HEPA”,  as well as filters for  internal combustion engines.



 Since September 2001 the production of all types of filter elements in our company is certified ISO 9001:1994 and ISO 9001:2000 recertification in 2003 and 2006. In 2010 the company is recertified for ISO 9001-2008.

“USPEH FILTER SSB” LTD is the only specialized company producing filters for purification of air for all types of air conditioners.

Depending on the necessary requirements for the degree of purification of air, the company offers:

●      Primary and fine "cassette" (panel) and "pocket" filters - with an clearing class EU 2 to EU 9 and EU efficiency 95%, according to the EN-779:2002

●      Sleeve filters

●      Absolute filters

●      «Deep pleat» - width of the frame 150 and 292 mm with efficiency from 99,95% to 99.9995%  according to EN 1822,

●      «Mini pleat» - width of the frame 78 and 68 mm with efficiency from 99,95% to 99.9995% according to EN 1822.

“USPEH FILTER SSB” LTD is the only manufacturer of absolute filters type “HEPA” in the country. Materials for production are supplied by world leaders in this area such as Hollingsworth & Vose, Fuller etc.

Special stand facilities, built and equipped in accordance with the standards for this type of production, guarantee the quality of each filter. The high efficiency filters are tested 100% and are accompanied by a certificate.

Absolute filters type HEPA are used in pharmacy, medicine, electronics, precise mechanics, nuclear engineering, optics, laboratories and all premises which are required to purify the air, according to BDS 16891-88. Filters type HEPA alone or in combination with primary and fine filters are used in operating rooms and other spaces requiring sterility.

The primary and fine filters are used in ventilation and air conditioning installations as pre-filters, installed before the high efficiency HEPA filters. Except as preliminary they are used alone as final filters for complete purification of supplied air. They are made in specific diversity according to customer requirements.

Corrugated, pocket (bag) and sleeve filter types with efficiency up to 95% are intended for all types of computing and other machines, air-conditioning systems in hotels, banks, halls, factories and industries, and others.

“USPEH FILTER SSB” LTD has a broad technological capabilities and is able to develop and offer unique filters and filter elements according to the technical conditions of the concrete object or installation of the client.

The company also produces filters for engines. The main groups of engine filters in regard to purified fluids are:

●      Air filters

●      Fuel filters

●      Oil filters

Our products are applied in:

●      Cars and trucks

●      Busses

●      Agricultural machinery

●      Construction and road construction machines

●      Diesel and ship engines

●      Metal processing machines

●      Forklifts

●      Instalations for powder coating

●       filling stations

●      compressors

●      hydraulic systems with low pressure.


Based on our long experience we are able to produce filters by  sample or documentation of the client.

The quality of our filters is ensured by the use of materials for their manufacturing such as paper, adhesives etc. from leading companies in Europe.

In the manufacture of filters and filter elements we adhere to existing standards in the country BDS: BDS 6773-75, BDS 8515-75; BDS 5804-75 and developed by us ON: ON 6274217-82, ON 6272488-81, ON 6273275-81.

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Our permanent clients are:






●      University Hospital for multispecialty treatment “SVETI GEORGI” – Plovdiv

●      Ob/Gyn Hospital "Dr. Shterev"

●      IV University Hospital for multispecialty treatment Sofia

●      University Hospital for multispecialty treatment “Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich”

Stara Zagora

●      METRO Cash and Carry

●      BDZ


●      Mini Maritza Iztok EAD

●      Urban Mobility Center Sofia

●      Urban mobility Plovdiv etc.


In case you need further technical and commercial information, our specialists will gladly be at your disposal.